I’m a 29 year old vivacious woman living the seemingly perfect life in God’s country of southwest Wisconsin. I’m my husband’s girlfriend, a rebel child of God, a devoted friend, a favorite daughter, a little sister, and a career boss bitch.

A lullaby is the most heartbreaking song I’ve never been able to sing; my version is a silent lullaby. Have you experienced the guilt and shame of infertility? Felt like a god damned crazy person due to being poked and prodded and pumped full of more hormones than the sophomore class at the local high school? The lack of femininity? I have. I am. My BFF put it perfectly – this really fucking sucks.

I am not a psychologist, I am not a therapist, I am by no means a certified professional licensed to advise on this topic. This blog is my story. I hope it helps other women going through the same shitty situation know that they aren’t crazy (or if you are, at least we are together). I make no apologies for my posts as this is my personal roller coaster. It’s honest. It’s raw. It’s real. This blog is messy, gosh damned emotional, fucking scary, vulgar and vulnerable. & I hope it helps.



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